Concealed Carry Rig Rig205

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Part Number:RIG205

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Leather Color
Model Revolver
Strong Side
Barrel Length
Hammer Latch
Hammer Latch (+$7.50)
Pants Waist Size
Pants Waist Size over 40
Pants Waist Size over 40 (+$15.00)
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Belt Width
1 1/2"
1 3/4" (+$10.00)

This concealed carry rig is great looking and very functional too.  Our customers love our concealed carry holster which is lined, border stamped and fits your Colt SAA, New Vaquero, Old Vaquero and more.  The belt is sturdy and is two layers of good leather stitched for stiffness and border stamped to match the holster.  We offer this as shown but you can choose  your color and belt width.  If you want to put your own conceal carry rig together see our conceal carry holster and waist belts for ideas.