Cowboy Bedroll Tarp (slightly used) BRT

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Our Cowboy Bedroll Tarp is made just like the original.  These bed rolls are made of a 17' x 7', 15 oz. canvas.  Each bed roll is then folded in half lengthwise and your sleeping bag, pillow etc. goes inside.  The two outside halves are folded to the center and attached with clips and d's forming a snug, weather proof place for you to sleep when camping out. We like to roll our bedrolls and secure them with our heavy,1 l/4" wide bedroll straps.  These can be real handy when you break a latigo or offside billet in the back country.  In the day, all the bedrolls were piled on the chuck wagon and transported to the next overnight stop.  Slightly used, not for camping but to cover tables at shows.  Almost as clean as brand new. Includes straps.
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