Deluxe Floral Chinks

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Chink and Chap Belt Colors
Moccasin Colors
Contrasting fringe color
Extra Long Fringe (to top of boot)
Extra Long Fringe (to top of boot) (+$35.00)
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These deluxe chinks are the best!  We have added loads of options on these stunning chinks including full floral carved belts and scallops, sterling silver conchos (not included, contrasting fringe with scalloped edge and a star detail.  If you're going to do it, go all the way!  These chinks are made of the most supple moccasin leather and everything is double stitched and reinforced so you get maximum wear from these.  Please call us for available silver conchos.

For a proper fit, we require specific measurements and will need all of the measurements below when ordering. You can also call us to order any chinks or chaps at (702) 907-6950.Waist

  1. Upper Thigh (at crotch)
  2. Mid Thigh 
  3. 2" Above knee
  4. Waist 1" below waist
  5. Length from 1" below waist to bottom of knee cap
  6. Length for extra long fringe (measure from 1" below waist to boot top.)