Double border stamped Cartridge Belt cbxxmd

On sale: $199.95
Retail Price:$250.00
You Save:$50.05(20%)
Part Number:cbxxmd
This cartridge belt was made for a customer who moved and was unable to receive his order.  This cartridge belt fits waist size 36" or 37", 45 caliber. There are a couple of non standard things about this belt.  First of all, standard belt loops is 24.  This belt has 36.  Also the customer had an original old clip corner buckle he wanted on the belt.  There is no way to change the buckle as it is riveted on.  It is a brand new belt that normally would sell for $250.00.  We are marking it down because of the optional buckle and extra loops.  This is a great buy if it's your size.  This belt will match our Smoke Creek Holster.

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