Dual Business Rig RIG35

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Caliber of Colt SAA or other
Pants Waist Size
Pants Waist Size over 40
Pants Waist Size over 40
Magazine Capacity
7 Rounds
8 Rounds

The "Dual Business Rig" is the only rig we offer that will fit both your Colt SAA and Colt 1911.  The rig includes a full basket stamped, lined cartridge belt with 24 cartridge loops, a full basket stamped and lined holster that will fit either your 1911 or Colt SAA with an adjustable retainer strap and a basket stamped magazine pouch for your 1911 cartridges.  The Dual Rig will fit a Colt SAA with a 4.75" barrel and a 5.50" barrel and a 1911 with a 5" barrel only.  If you are looking for a rig that fits your two favorite firearms this is for you.

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