Powder River Western Rig RIG34

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Part Number:RIG34

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Leather Color
Model Revolver
Barrel Length
Strong Side
Hammer Latch
Hammer Latch [+$7.50]
Leg Tie Down
Leg Tie Down [+$7.00]
Pants Waist Size
Pants Waist Size over 40
Pants Waist Size over 40 [+$15.00]
Rear Tuck Loop
Rear Tuck Loop [+$5.00]
Floral Clip Corner Buckle
Floral Clip Corner buckle [+$10.00]

The beautiful Powder River Western Rig is  a Cheyenne style rig with a ranger style, lined and double border stamped cartridge belt with 24 loops.  The holster is border stamped to match the belt, lined and has a sewn toe plug. 

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