Santa Fe Western RIG21

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Leather Color
Model Revolver
Barrel Length
Strong Side
Hammer Latch
Hammer Latch [+$7.50]
Leg Tie Down
Leg Tie Down [+$7.00]
Pants Waist Size
Pants Waist Size over 40
Pants Waist Size over 40 [+$15.00]
Rear Tuck Loop
Rear Tuck Loop [+$5.00]
Floral Clip Corner Buckle
Floral Clip Corner buckle [+$10.00]

Santa Fe Western Gun Rig:The Santa Fe Western rig has a 3" wide ranger style cartridge belt with 24 loops and full lining.  The holster is also stamped and is lined with top grain leather to protect the finish on your Colt SAA or Colt clone.

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