shown in chestnut
shown in chestnut

Waist Belt Ranger Style WB14

Your Price: $175.00
Part Number:WB14

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Pants Waist Size
Pants Waist Size over 40
Pants Waist Size over 40 (+$15.00)
Waist Belt Stamp Options
Dyed Background
Dyed Background (on floral belts only) (+$75.00)
Custom Name option
Billet size (size of buckle you will wear on this belt)
Sterling Overlay Long horn steer buckle set 3/4"
3 piece buckle set (+$111.95)
4 pc. buckle set (+$26.95)

Ranger Style Waist Belt. This ranger style belt is 1 1/2" with 3/4" or 1" billets.  It is fully lined and will last for years. It is shown plain but available in all our geometric stamps and florals.  The buckle set not included but we have many nice 3 and 4 piece sets to choose from on our web site. We also offer this belt as a package deal with our sterling overlay 3 or 4 piece buckle set with the longhorn steer head for $10.00 off.  Order the Ranger style belt with any of our geometric stamps, 3/4" billets and this beautiful buckle set and save some money.