Western Movie Rig rig219

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This is our version of the rigs worn in your favorite spaghetti western's.  This rig is rough out leather and we offer it with a single holster or as a double rig.  The cartridge belt is fully lined and has the signature figure 8 stitching you are looking for.  The holster is lined and has an open toe with a single loop and buckle detail.  This spaghetti western rig comes only in natural as shown and for 4 3/4" or 5" barrel length.  Your 7 1/2" barrel will protrude from the bottom of the holster as seen in the movies. This would make a great Cowboy Action Rig as it has a mostly exposed trigger guard for a quicker draw.  Whichever way you order it, you will love this sweet little rig.